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  1. SS Yongala

    I have just dived on this wreck again. The last time was 20 years ago. It is billed as being in the top 5 dive wrecks in the world and it does not disappoint. In 1996 I was on a live aboard there for 2 days and we left from Townsville. The trip out to the wreck is at least 2 hours. This time I dived with Yongala Dive who are based in Alva Beach and from there it is an easy 40m to the wreck. Alva Beach is 16 k from Ayr which is around 1 and half hours south of Townsville.

    I had 2 dives: magnificent varietyof tropical sea life. The wreck is at depths of between 25-33 m( about). At least 15 m viz and water temps about 20C. Yongala Dive’s web site has some good photos if you are interested. I would return again but not leave it 20 years this time.

  2. Just go back from 2 30m dives just off the Sharks Tooth in Kaikoura. Viz was good at around 6-8m. To my surprise we only saw 2 crayfish neither big enough to take, also not another takeable fish in sight. So from this I have deducted that our recent storms have done a great deal of damage to our underwater environment and will take a while to recover.

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